Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Year In Review

Well, I look back on my failed attempt to post and journal every day for 40 days... I did 12 days within about 30 and then stopped. CRASH!

But it's not all BAD news. For one thing, I am consistently 10 pounds lighter than I was one year ago. What did I do to change it? Well, as you may remember I tried exercising every day for 40 days. That did not do it. In fact, my exercise has been sporadic and limited all year.

One thing I did that set me up for this 10-pound-less success was join an online weight management group called The Mari Method (see my link on the right). Mari Ann taught me a valuable lesson... fruit can make you fat! I had pretty much figured out the other stuff about empty calories, avoiding sugary drinks and limiting simple carbs like white bread, rice and pasta. Where I was failing, though, was my commitment to 5 servings of fruits a day. I didn't realize I was consuming too much sugar... even the good kind. So, by adopting Mari Method's plan of having one fruit serving a day, and making the other 4 servings veggies, I lost the 10 lbs. This was without exercise... though Mari's brilliant approach to Yometrics (kick butt yoga) is definitely worth the time, I found that I didn't commit to it consistently, so I can't really give that kudos for the permanent weight loss.

I must admit, I still have those last 10 stubborn pounds to go, but I'm super proud of myself that I actually CHANGED a life long habit this year. I've done it day in and day out and I have results. Now, I'm going to try and change just one or two more in the year to come... 64 oz of water daily, and 30 grams of fiber. Oh, and of course I'll keep attempting to exercise... that's a life long journey that I continue to try and improve always. In some seasons I have success and in others I do not. That's the way the ball bounces for me!

So,if with one lifestyle change I lost 10 permanent pounds, I figure if I change my lifestyle just a little bit more, I might find that I spend the next 40 years prancing around in size 4 or 6 jeans. That will make me quite happy. I have never been able to give up the size 4 of my teen years. I don't think I'm being unduly optimistic... I'm a little person with a little frame... I think a size 4 is realistic for me. :)

So, my blog last year was about all of life... not just my size. This blog is titled, "Head, Heart and Hard body". So, I've given you the good news about my hard body... what about my head and my heart?

Well... more good news regarding my "head"... my "noggin"... that thing that I "think" with... I have completed my credential coursework with a 3.913 GPA. WOOT! I have done 8 weeks of my student teaching and I have 8 weeks to go. I have to pass the RICA and I have to get a CPR cert. CPR will be simple... RICA will not be, but I'm going to start studying and take it in February. I have no doubt I will pass it. Oh, and a pesky US Constitution exam is required. Those 3 things along with a "Pass" for my next 8 weeks of student teaching and I will be a certified special education teacher in the state of CA. Educationally speaking, the world will be my oyster. :) I'm pretty sure if you can get credentialed in CA you can work anywhere. And that's another thing... that job piece... but more of that later.

So, I began last year with 2 goals: get all my ducks in a row to become a substitute teacher and complete my credential. And if not for a summer schedule glitch with PLNU I would be done as of now... so that being out of my control, I consider that goal MET. The other goal? Yes... finished up all the testing and jumping through hoops to get my emergency credential and did manage to sub a bit before I started student teaching. So, the "head" part of my journey last year turned out pretty good.

Now for the "heart" part of my journey last year. I don't really know what to say. I am definitely afraid less. That was one of my goals... to have less fear. Though I haven't arrived in this area completely... for example I need to have a procedure done to look in my tummy and see if there is something awful lurking there. Yet, I don't have the courage to go. I need prayer in this area. I cannot survive without Prilosec... when I'm on it, it's as if I'm the picture of health. But if I miss 2 doses I am in such stomach pain that I am miserable. All tests for h-... (whatever that bacteria is that makes ulcers), liver and pancreatic disease were negative. No bleeding ulcer either. So... to a food journal we go to determine if certain foods upset me. But I know the drill... it doesn't matter what I eat. If I don't take the Prilosec I get sick. I really wish one of those tests had answered the mystery b/c if the tummy doesn't heal up soon I'll have to get the test done with the scope and honestly, I'm terrified of that awful word that has killed too many of my young friends the past few years: cancer. So, no... not over all the fear yet (does anyone ever get over ALl fear?). It's actually keeping me from the truth. I know... shallow wimp that I am. I will arrive eventually, though, I believe that. And off I will go for the tummy test and probably my results will be inconclusive and I'll realize my upset stomach is psychosomatic as are 85% of all diseases anyway!

So, that's really the only negative regarding the fear from which I was seeking release. There are lots of other things I've been afraid of for a long time that don't bother me any longer. I spend more time in thoughtful prayer and more time reflecting than I have in years. And, in the past year, I was reminded of an enormous miracle God did for me when I was 22. I won't write about it here, but it was MAJOR... the REAL deal. I'm glad God brought this back to my mind b/c it has bolstered my faith in many ways. I'm grateful for that.

Heart-wise (aka Faith-wise), it has been a more difficult year than I could have imagined. Several things occurred that were beyond our control and they literally took over our lives and held them hostage. The stress load has been, at times, unbearable. But the good news is that Todd & I have never been more allied than we are at the present. This year of trials has brought us closer than we have ever been in our marriage. Yea for that! We talk and communicate better than ever. We've both changed a lot in that way. Good stuff truly does come from the bad if you relax and allow it to do so.

So, here are my goals/prayers/dreams for 2011 (not resolutions b/c you know I do not believe in making resolutions):
1. Get a teaching job (super important... that's why it's #1)
2. Help Quinn become a really great reader (lots of practice!)
3. Grow in my marriage.
4. Nearer, nearer, nearer to my Maker.
5. Work on building residual income (Apriori, yea!)
6. Loose that last 10 lbs.
7. Heal stomach.
8. Drop the fear like a bad habit.

So, I continue on my journey of 40 days of Fit: head, heart and hard body. It's only been 360 days since I started... I'll get there!

Thanks for reading... and I'll try to post more this year than last!

Best wishes for an amazing 2011~


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  1. thanks for the update. I love you, and LOVE what you're doing, where you've been and where you're going!

    you are so very dear to me, my sweet friend.